Samar Exports is one of the leading granite exporter from South India, we have continuously offered quality services in US & Chinese Construction, interior decors & Distributors by providing finished slabs for residential and commercial interiors. We have MoU with more than 20 Granite manufacturing factories in 3 Cities to produce our finest quality Granite Slabs. We use world class blades, resins & other equipment to produce our slabs. Hence our Slabs are free of defects.

Our capacity to export: More than 550, 00 Sq Ft polished Granite Slabs, Granite Tiles and 500 Cubic Meters of Rough granite blocks per month.

The company has been committed to its clients by providing variety of Granite Slabs, Granite Tiles & Rough Blocks. We employs the most efficient technological procedures to produce the finest Granite Slabs, Granite Tiles and Rough Blocks. This has enabled the company to lead in granite export to US. Depends on need and selection we offer Premium plus, Premium, Standard, High commercial and Commercial choice for individual client and project specific.

Besides Slabs and Rough blocks there are other accessories that are available. Please see the Product & Service page for details of the services and custom designs we offer.

Why Samar Exports:

With our unbelievable stone selection, to advanced fabrication processes Samar Exports is your best choice.

Over 30 Stone Colors are available in our stock (Including Imported Colors)

Turnaround Time – In just 4 days after selection the products will be on board.

Highest Quality – We guarantee the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Customization – We go a one step ahead to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.

Price – We offer affordable price for the best quality.